About Me


Hellooo I'm Jade and I am the face behind Bel Photography!

Photography is (and always has been) a huge passion of mine which developed over many years.. doing little photoshoots of my older daughters with my point and shoot camera and even some photoshoots of friends kids, all way before I ever imagined it could become anything close to what it is to me today!

I am self-taught, with no formal training or qualifications, but what I do have is 'the eye' as it's called.. a major perfection complex and an intense yearning to constantly improve my skills in order to continually offer my clients (you) the best of me and my art so that you will completely adore your portraits and be able to enjoy and proudly share them for generations to come!

I have 7 children... yes you read that correctly, SEVEN!!! When I met my darling husband, he had 3 children and I had 2 and then we got greedy and added 2 more of our own to the mix..! All of the little ratbags live with us full time, life is crazy, hectic, exciting, horrifying at times but most of all it's packed full of love and laughter (and washing.. Ohhhh the washing!!!!) and the upside to so many kids is my innate gift of also being able to get other peoples children to do what I want them to do... well most of the time anyway!!

So you may ask where on earth I find the time to run a successful business on top of all that washing... refereeing... cooking... cleaning... chauffeuring... washing... cooking... washing... more washing...

Well the best thing about having my own business and running it from my home, is being able to work it completely around my hectic family life, and although sometimes my juggling skills leave a lot to be desired and at times my husband is the disgruntled victim of what seems to be a strike action by the cleaning lady (aka me).. I am totally on top of it all... usually!!

And I honestly wouldn't be able to do any of it without my husband, he is pretty much Super Man without a cape - okay sometimes he wears a cape - he can handle the 7 kids on his own perfectly, and still manages to have the house cleaner when I get home than when I left, which most times is more than he can say for me lol

Okay so that's enough 'about me' for now... when you book your session with me and begin the journey to having your photographs taken, you'll quickly get to know more and I tend to get attached to my clients, some now being among my closest friends (so a heads up that you may never be rid of me!) I love watching families grow and evolve, new little ones arrive and then become big brothers and sisters themselves... Being your photographer, to me, is so much more than snapping some photos, it's a relationship of trust and I feel so honoured to be invited into peoples lives to capture the biggest moments for them! I truly love my job... and I think you can see that in my work!

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